Hydrosol – Rejuvenating


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D’las Rejuvenating Hydrosol is ideal for daily wellness and to experience the aromatherapy benefits that helps to love and pamper your body. Additionally, the Hydrosol increases awareness and elevates your spirit, while the natural ingredients contains sedative properties ensuring a soothing and relaxing experience.

INGREDIENTS: 100% pure and natural distillated water obtained by steam distillation of the various parts of the Lavender and Patchouli plants.

MODE OF USE – Simply sprits onto inner wrists, behind ears or chest as a body perfume. Take a moment to breathe deeply & experience its aromatherapy benefits.

WARNING – For external use only/Do not apply on sensitive or irritated skin.

CLAIMS: Organic, Vegan, Alcohol Free, Paraffin Free, Paraben Free



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